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Horse Combat Controls

Mount and Blade style controls for horses.
Forward to accelerate, Backward to decelerate, Left to steer left, Right to steer right, Y to change from vanilla controls to combat controls.


Options for server admins or modpack creators

The mod allows you to lock the player into using the combat mode via a server config (.minecraft > saves > [world] > serverconfig > horsecombatcontrols-server.toml)

You can also apply these configs to every new world by copying the config file and pasting it as a default config (.minecraft > defaultconfigs)


This mod goes great with my other mod, Velocity Based Damage

There are two versions of the mod. The client version does not require the mod to be on the server, but will be minimally supported and is not recommended for public PVP servers (it may be considered cheating)

I will not backport the mod to 1.12 and I will not port it to Fabric. You are free to port the mod under the provisions of the MIT License.


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