Homing Ender Eye

1,714 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1


🛎️ Description: 

This mod adds a simple mechanism to Eye of Ender:

Once an Eye of Ender breaks, it will soon appear on Ender Portal Frame.


✔️ Notice: 

For Fabric Version, Cloth Config Api and Fabric Api is required!


🧿 More Explaination:
In server config (in your save file), you can switch mode between Shared-mode and Individual-mode. Shared-mode is the default one and it allow all broken ender eye data shared by all player, and Individual-mode holds a player-specific broken ender eye data, which means if Steve broke 3 ender eyes, when he arrives a new end portal alone, there'll only 3 ender eyes on the frame.

Switching mode will cause all previous data get lost.



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