135 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Very simple items and tools necessary in the life of a hobo. These were created for and as a part of the Hobocraft modpack, to do the job that items created through easier methods like Quadrum couldn't. 


An oil drum to heat yourself with, a saw to cut wood with, and a broken bottle to defend yourself with. A tin can for soup, and the frame for furnaces. (And eventually, though currently not implemented) Trashbags and park benches for sleeping in/on. Etcetera.


Does not have default recipes, please use Crafttweaker or an equivalent to add recipes. These simple items add little to the minecraft experience on their own - they were created to be part of a bigger experience. 


This mod will be expanded with new items and tools as it and the Hobocraft modpack are developed. 


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