Hiraeth Spirits

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This mod aims to be a good recreation "Woodland Spirits" by the Radix-Shock team (look them up!), with a few modern touches!
The mod adds nine new models that can be rendered on top the player! You can add a variety of alters, horns, and ears to your in-game character's body.


When using the mod, press G (the key binding can be changed) to access the menu where you may select the type of headgear to apply to your character.

Select between four models of antlers, three models of horns, and two models of ears!

When having ears on you are given 5 skin tone options to choose from for you to color your ears the way you see fit!


The mod will show multiplayer support for servers which have the mod (different players have different models. you can see other players' headgear), and also for servers that don't (but you'd only be able to see your headgear and other players will be any other regular player.)

Plus, players who don't have this mod will still be able play on servers with this mod. (The mod is not a requirement. it's an option.) (what will happen is that players who have the mod will be able to see the headgear of other players who also have the mod, and will see players who don't have the mod the way you see any other vanilla player.)


There still are some bugs but not anything major that would crash the game or make the mod useless (when joining a server sometimes models won't update to the other players. just open the menu and reset your headgear and everything will be fine). A new version will be released for when the bug is fixed. but again, it's nothing major. If there are any others bugs, please use the issue tracker.


The four antlers models:

Antler Model 1Antler Model 2Antler Model 3Antler Model 4

 The three horns models:

Model Horns 1Model Horns 2

 The two ears models (2 which are 10):

Model Ears 1 Skin Tone 0

Model Ears 1 Skin Tone 1Model Ears 1 Skin Tone 2Model Ears 1 Skin Tone 3Model Ears 1 Skin Tone 4

Model Ears 2 Skin Tone 0

Model Ears 2 Skin Tone 1Model Ears 2 Skin Tone 2Model Ears 2 Skin Tone 3Model Ears 2 Skin Tone 4


Also if there is any youtuber out there who sees this I would REALLY appreciate someone making a showcase video and put the link to it in the comments so I can edit it in.


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