Hiccup's Legacy

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BUG FIXES (new release includes new gamerule to prevent villagers from being ill)


Hiccup's Legacy is a How To Train Your Dragon inspired mod, bringing rideable dragons, weapons and armors, plants and more mechanics to Minecraft

-For now, the dragons in the game are:

13 Dragons, including:

  • Night Fury
  • Hideous Zippleback
  • Deadly Nadder
  • Gronckle
  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Whispering Death
  • Smoothering Smokebreath
  • Flightmare
  • Hobgobbler
  • Night Terror
  • Terrible Terror
  • Fireworm
  • Death Song


 -Planned Features and Updates

  • Night Fury Remodel
  • Nadder Flying abilities (remodel needed unfortunately)



There are 2 plants at the moment, Daggas and Dragon nip. By combining 2 Dragon nips, 1 Dagga  and 1 Lilly of the Valley, you can make a Cure Mixture*, which can be combined  with a bucket (can cure other  mobs and you, easier to make but 1 mixture = 1 cure) or brewed with bottles (can't cure other mobs, but is more cost efficient  since 1  mixture = Up to 3 cures for you)

*The cure serves for the new disease, the Eel Pox. The contamination process is uncertain, but you only have 10 minutes to make one of those cures before you die. Within the 10 minutes, bad effects will start appearing, like mining fatigue, slowness and blindness, so be quick.

Most of the dragons have custom attacks, being R and X the default Primary and Secondary attacks for every rideable dragon


By giving a gronckle the Gronckle Iron Mixture (crafted with 3 calcites, 2 sandstones, 1 obsidian, 1 raw iron and a bucket), one can make gronckle iron, a powerful and light material for making all kinds of weapons



The new gamerule, "villagerDisease", can prevent villagers from getting the eel pox when false

(The random disease feature can be quite annoying)



The Yaks, new kind of "cow" in the game, is a pretty good source of food and fur, the last which can be crafted into fur blocks and carpets, similar to wool.

Their milk can be used in a Milk Pot (Crafted with a bucket and a stick on it's right) to make 3 types of new food:

-Chocolate Yak Milk - Make with yak milk, cocoa beans and sugar, gives Speed 3 for some seconds (+saturation and food)

-Yaknog - Like eggnog, but made with yak milk, eggs and kelp, gives a lot of saturation and food value, being for a great food choice

-Glow Cheese - Made with Yak Milk, Glow Lichen and Bone meal, gives you the glowing effect, as well as food and saturation





At last, we have a new scale shedding mechanic, in which dragons that have a ceiling above their heads and, thus, can't fly because of it, will shed scales after sometime.

This scales can be crafted into new armors with a slime ball, a gronckle iron hammer and a piece of lether armor 

There is no general taming process as of yet, so, to fly the dragons, just right-click them and look almost straight up, they will take flight

(note that the animations are default so they might be quite strange, still trying to improve it)


There are 1 tameable dragon as of now:

-Hobgobblers can be tamed with most fishes and will follow you in an 8 block radius



Download Goals:



5k (everyone can dream) 


As i am working alone in this mod, your feedback is really welcome!



Disclaimer: SOME of the models and parts of them are really inspired by the paid DLC on minecraft bedrock edition (because a lot of them aren't even in the DLC and even those who are aren't copies, just inspirations), some you will see the resemblance. But, for obvious reasons, not all of them are and all of the models i did myself, with some different things that i thought worked better. 


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