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This mod makes streams more interactive by adding an overlay of real-time emojis to allow streamers to easily know how their viewers are feeling.

Notable Features

  • Real-time reactions presented in a custom overlay to tie streamers and viewers closer together.
  • The overlay can be toggled on/off with a simple key press.
  • Highly configurable.
    • You can even use custom images by adding your own textures and swapping them in like a resource pack.




 This mod uses Hero.tv to allow viewers to react to a stream with emoticons.

This closes the gap between the streamer and the viewer, making it more interactive and thereby more enjoyable for everyone.

Hero Reactions is a mod that simply integrates this functionality into Minecraft. This occurs with the addition of an overlay in the bottom corner of the screen, and when reactions occur the streamer will see them pop up in-game!

The number is the view count (across all platforms), the animated emojis represent the feelings of your viewers, and there is even a subtle red glow behind them that indicates the relative amount of activity.

In addition, a short URL pops up (every minute for 5 seconds - configurable), one that will easily allow any viewer to go to it and immediately get redirected to that stream to allow them to contribute. For example, for me it is hero.tv/dGJ (which links to my gr8pefish account on Hero).

All of this is located in an unobtrusive corner. Furthermore, it is almost all configurable, and the entire overlay can be easily toggled on/off with a hotkey (default H).




By default, this mod won't do anything, because most people won't have any need for it. But for the lucky few (streamers), you will need to do a couple things to ensure this mod works. Fortunately, it's super easy!

Just click on the "Hero" button now found on the main screen or the options screen and follow the on-screen instructions. Note that you only have to do this setup step once!

Now, simply start up your stream, and when people view it through Hero.tv (for example, if I am using Twitch it would be https://www.hero.tv/twitch/gr8pefish) they will be able to send emojis!

Also note that many aspects of the mod are configurable; simply check out the in-game config for more details.

Detailed Setup Instructions:

First screen you will see:


By clicking the link you will be redirected to Hero.tv. Login there (or quickly create an account - you can even use your Twitch credentials to make it super easy), and you will receive a code of the format XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ. For example, it will look something like this:

Copy that code, and paste it into Minecraft, like so:

And once you click "Submit Token" you are good to go! The mod will even remember your login info; you only have to do this process once!

Custom Emojis Instructions:

It is possible to have custom emojis appear by using Minecraft's inbuilt resource pack system to override the base textures in this mod.

The default sprite sheet can be found here[TODO: Link to GitHub location]. It is a 256x256 pixel image. Each individual sprite is a 16x16 pixel image; yours must conform to these specifications. I recommend you download the file and just modify the specific sprites as you see fit to ease this process.

Next you need to make a resource pack, which in this case, is as simple as creating a folder with two things.
1) A pack.mcmeta file. It should be formatted like this. More details can be found here.
2) The following file, with the accompanying folder structure:  assets/heroreactions/textures/gui/reaction_icons.png - where reaction_icons.png is your modified sprite sheet.
Just zip that up, drop it in the /resource_packs folder of the instance you are running, and then select it when playing the game to see your custom emojis!


Development Potential

This mod has a lot more that it can offer. Hero allows for nearly infinite potential when interacting with your player base. From polling to voting to expansions and alterations of the pre-existing feedback overlay, the only limit is your imagination. Check out the official documentation of the Hero API for more info.

This mod was also intentionally made to be open source, with the MIT license, so that other developers can see how this was all possible. Nearly everything in this mod was custom made, proving the flexibility of the platform. Check out the source code here.




Feel free!

Bug Reports

They go here please!

Open Source

Under the MIT license, it can be found here.


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