Helper Tools

105,668 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 2, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Helper Tools

A simple mod dedicated to helping with construction work.


  • Craft various tools to help with building
  • Build bigger and faster than ever
  • Create and paste intricate patterns
  • Replace blocks with ease
  • Simple and easy to use

For more information, recipes, and how to use, see the ->  Helper Tools Wiki!

Also the forum's page



1.10's version is now officially updated, featuring most of 1.7.10's content and more.


Staves have been revamped. They now feature a visual guide for placing their blocks.

The Euclidean Pattern tool has been upgraded, and now can flip it's patterns upside down and horizontally.


New Mask: Lets you create a shadow and then swap places with it


Bombs are back and with a couple new editions, void and sticky dirt.

New Bomb charms: Replace the old mask and charms

+Can prevent fatal explosions

+Can be upgraded to boost your bomb's potency


Balloons, Floaters, and Lamps are back

Added much more configuration options



Helper tools is an open source project and you may include it in any modpack, fork it or whatever you like.


Have fun.


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