Hello Neighbor Mod

776 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.15.2  


First i want to thank all first 80 people to download my mod in almost 1 year *2020-2021*!

Now this is Alpha 3, alpha 4 will come out soon probably out in 2021 december!

I wanted to make a Hello Neighbor roleplay and it's the first roleplay for my channel! So ineeded a mod for it and

i didn't find a good one SO... i made my own with MCreator!


The mod has alot of stuff to offer. There are alot of decorations for example chairs, lamps, tables and much more!

The Mr Wilson (Neighbor) Model doesn't have animations wich i will hopefuly fix in alpha 4. I'm still learning how to do animations!

Not all of the items from the game are in the mod such as a blue lock and key, the magnet gun, the umbrella etc!

But all of those i hope will come to alpha 4, big things are happening and I need time to make the mod and edit it and learn etc!


The mod is in version 1.15.2 wich will get updated to 1.16+ when the full version of mcreator 2021 comes out!

Thank you for downloading the mod and Enjoy!


Here's a link to my Hello Neighbor mcreator site!



Here is a link to Mcreator!



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