Healing Altar

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Healing Altar

Runic Eggs



Hello everyone! Since I started playing UHC style hardcore modpacks that don't have natural regen I always had a feeling that minecraft has pretty huge gap in early game healing. That's why I made this small and simple mod.


How to use

* Screenshots are under spoilers

All you need is to build small altar with bricks, stairs and lapis. Altar should be under the open sky.

Then craft Runic Egg.



Wait for midnight. Runic Egg will start glowing. Throwthe egg to the moon whil it glows. You have to look directly up to the sky.

Stay still and wait. BOOM! You now have fixed one heart.

  • Performing healing ritual will take the Lapis Block from your altar, use 3 pieces of Lapis and throw 6 of it around. 
  • You can perform the ritual only once per night.
  • Performing ritual during thunderstorm makes it more powerful.
  • Try tuning your altar with some heads to get more healing.
  • If you have full health you will get soul hearts. Soul hearts 2 times less effective than regular hearts (configurable).

There is also Soul Heart item, which will give you one soul heart on use.




Issues & Suggestions

You can adress everything on my twitter


6/18/2015 (v. 1.2.1)
- Fixed possible duplication.
- Added Runic Egg for ritual. Now you have to use it instead of chicken egg.

1/3/2015 (v. 1.1.3)

- Fixed the bug when was unable to heal under some circumstances.

11/8/2014 (v. 1.1.2)
- Added rain summoning ritual. Just build 3x3 pond with lilypads, leave the middle open and throw Water Bucket there.
- Added Soul Heart mechanics.

10/20/2014 (v. 1.0.1)
Changed the way of checking for heads. Headcrumbs should be compatible now.

You're allowed to include Healing Altar in modpacks, provided that there's a link to this topic (or my website for that matter). Have fun!


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