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Harmonics Core

111 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019 Game Version: Forge

1.14+ library mod for client GUI and networking.

It provides a multi-layer GUI widget tree and some useful default widgets such as scrolling list and check boxes. Additionally it supports advanced layout management like grid, flexbox, as well as the basic positional layout. It also includes some uncommon GUI features like native context menu support, dialog windows.

In terms of networking, it aims to provide a easy-to-use sessions API that integrates wit the GUI system. Sessions will be created for each player, connecting to one server side handler object (such as a tile entity), and data sync can be done easily between them without using packets or containers


This mod does nothing on its own. Dependent mods such as Lua IDE for OpenComputers are planned.


WIP List:

- Flexbox

- Proportional grid cell lengths

- Text area

- Multidirectional scrolling area

- Sessions

- Config GUI

- Declarative GUI generation (json file)



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