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HarDeath, fear the Death or lose your time.


HarDeath is the promise of a one-day mod. One day to create a complete and fun mod. That's what HarDeath is.


So, what does it do ?

It's simple, it makes you fear the death.


How ?

By making you lose your items when you die... following some simple rules.

When you die, each item has a score. It is designed with this rule.


Every item starts with a specific score.

An item in Peaceful mode starts with 55 points.
An item in Easy mode starts with 50 points..
An item in Normal mode starts with 42.5 points.
An item in Hard mode starts with 35 points.

  • If there are more than one item in the stack, the items lose 0.25 * the number of items in the stack points.
  • If the item is enchanted, it loses 10 points.
  • If the item is a tool (Axe, pickaxe, spade) with an efficiency higher or equal the diamond's efficiency (so diamond and gold if no mod adds a tool), it loses 15 points.
  • If the item is a hoe, it loses 7.5 points.
  • If the item is a diamond sword, it loses 18.5 points.
  • If the item is an armor, it loses between 5.5 and 7.5 points depending on the durability.

So, for example, in peaceful, if you have an enchanted diamond sword, the sword's score will be 55 - 18.5 - 10 = 26.5 points.


Now truncate this score, you have 26 points. So the sword has one chance out of 26 to be destroyed and lost forever.
So, for each item, it determines the score and randomly destroys it, or not.


Also, if the item is an armor but isn't destroyed, it has 1 chance out of 10 to lose 15% of its remaining durability.


Here is an in-game sample :

I start with 5 items in my inventory, like this :

Before the death


Then I die once, here is my new inventory :

After the first death


Nice, I'm very lucky ! I only lost 15% of the durability of my helmet. Sounds cool !

But yeah, a creepy creeper killed me again, when I was looking at the view. And... I wasn't as lucky as before...



Yeah, I've lost two items. Forgive my barbarism, I just couldn't read the chat with the screenshot being underlined, I had to get rid of it.

As you can see, I renamed my sword and chestplate, and the game told me their name. So I know I've lost my poor chestplate (honestly, it was the only one with "poor" in its name, I promise ! I was surprised to see that chestplate was really poor...) and my perfect sword...


Now I stopped playing Minecraft and I'm depressed in a little cave.


That's all for this mod ! It does nothing more, nothing less ! One day, one mod. I hope you'll enjoy it !
I honestly thought that unless you were dying in lava, the death wasn't that bad, you just lose some xp... who cares about xp ? Ok, my enchantment table and my anvil. You have a point.


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