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Note: This project is no longer maintained (sorry!).  Features only work up to Minecraft 1.16.5, and the conflicts with other mods will grow.  There are other more up-to-date Forge ports of Sodium which you can look for.  If you truly want the best experience with Sodium, I'd suggest try out Fabric!


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Forge port of Sodium, Lithium, and Phosphor mods from Fabric.  Mostly in parity with the fabric version of Sodium, but includes some extra features/patches to work with the Forge ecosystem.  Name of the mod is different to not confuse with the original mods.


Note: Latest versions disable Lithium AI and some Phosphor lighting features by default as they were causing compatibility issues with pathfinding from other mods or lightning inconsistencies and I don't have the bandwidth to maintain/update it.  Sorry!  You can still enable Lithium AI features yourself by setting mixin.ai=true to sodium-mixins.properties in your config/ folder




Original Fabric mods: 

Forge port for Sodium I forked off of: https://github.com/Pannoniae/sodium-forge

My own fork: https://github.com/spoorn/sodium-forge


From the original mod pages:


Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for the Minecraft client that improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft.



  • Phosphor is a free and open-source Minecraft mod (under GNU GPLv3) aiming to save your CPU cycles and improve performance by optimizing one of Minecraft's most inefficient areas-- the lighting engine. It works on both the client and server, and can be installed on servers without requiring clients to also have the mod
  • The mod is designed to be as minimal as possible in the changes it makes, and as such, does not modify the light model or interfaces of vanilla Minecraft. Because of this, Phosphor should be compatible with many Minecraft mods (so long as they do not make drastic changes to how the lighting engine works.) If you've ran into a compatibility problem, please open an issue!







1.  Why is my FPS still so low?

      You can disable Vsync and increase your Max FPS under Video Options.  The default settings are set to match Vanilla's visuals as much as possible.  You can tweak the settings to enable/disable options to fully maximize performance at the cost of visual parity.  The below settings should definitely be set if you want to maximize FPS:



  • Render Distance: as low as you want
  • Use VSync: Disabled
  • Max Framerate: Unlimited


  • Translucency Sorting: Disabled
  • Use Leaves Culling: Enabled




2.  I see pixel borderlines and/or highlights around random blocks!

      This is due to the Compact Vertex Format feature.  You can disable this under Video Options -> Advanced



3. World gen is see-through or invisible

If this is for singular blocks, it's most likely a bug and you can submit an issue.  If the entire world is rendering odd, it may be that your GPU doesn't support Multi-draw rendering, in which case you can change the Renderer to Oneshot 3.3 or 2.0 under Video Settings -> Advanced.  There is also an issue with translucent blocks if you have Fabulous! settings turned on.  Try using Fast or Fancy



4. Can you add compatibility for _____?

If you put Optifine/Performant/Chlorine/Other fork of Sodium, no.  Optifine/Chlorine/Other forks all modify/replace the rendering pipeline, just as Sodium does.  It's not possible to make them compatible as they are all trying to overwrite vanilla code in the same places, but in different ways.  Performant compatibility will not be maintained.  See https://github.com/spoorn/sodium-forge/issues/23#issuecomment-863807223.

If you put other mods, yes!  I'm working on it.  You can help if you have the bandwidth, feel free to submit a pull request.



5. Does this support shaders?  Iris/Optifine shaders?

Not at the moment.  I would love to support shaders, but it's a lot of work which I don't yet have time for.



6.  Will you backport to 1.12.2?  1.8.9?  1._._?  Will this be available for 1.17?

No plans to backport currently, there are numerous improvements to be done in the current version still and backporting is a tedious task.

Forge has released 1.17!  But, they haven't yet enabled Mixin support, which Sodium uses heavily: https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/102544-forge-370-minecraft-1171/?tab=comments#comment-460661



7.  This is broken!  This doesn't work!  Can you add this?

Feel free to add a comment below, or create an Issue in https://github.com/spoorn/sodium-forge/issues.  I go through everything, but it may take some time for me to get to it because I'm still learning how graphics programming works, and I have a full time job!




P.S. I got permission from the Forge port author to publish this on Curseforge as I needed it to publish my own modpack!  This is also allowed under the license


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