Gunpowder Signshop

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Gunpowder Signshop

This mod is an extension for Gunpowder to provide user/admin-made shops using signs.



In order to make a signshop you need to:

  • Place a chest.
  • Put the item you want to buy/sell in the chest.
  • Get a gold nugget and right click that chest. A message should appear in chat.
  • Place the sign you want people to click.
    • On the first line put [gp:buy] or [gp:sell]*
    • On the 2nd, 3rd or 4th line put a dollar sign, followed by the price. Use dots instead of commas, e.g. $24.99
    • Use the other lines to describe what you're buying/selling.
    • If the sign changes color, you've done your job correctly.

      * Admins (ops) can use [gp:adminbuy] and [gp:adminsell], in which case you can remove the chest at the end.


Sign Types

Current sign types are:

  • gp:buy - the person who made the shop is SELLING the item
  • gp:sell - the person who made the shop is BUYING the item
  • gp:adminbuy - Infinite supply which the admins are SELLING, does not go to whoever made it.
  • gp:adminsell - Infinite budget where you can SELL items to the admins, items do not go into any chest.


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