/ˈɡʌbɪnz/ noun
miscellaneous items; paraphernalia.

Gubbins is a Fabric mod that adds a variety of miscellaneous vanilla style content to your game.


 Gubbins REQUIRES the fabric mod loader and Fabric API

See the Fabric website for instructions on installing Fabric

This mod will not be ported to forge.



Gubbins is a mod that intends to add vanilla styled features.

Content will cross all aspects of the base game and will hopefully fill some gaps or create brand new ways to play the game.




Open the spoilers to see pictures!


Cave Biomes

Gubbins adds several different cave biomes to explore. Some spawn only in specific biomes, as of Beta 1.0.0, the mod contains 7 different cave biomes.



Decorate your armour in a smithing table!

Current Adornment Items:

  • Iron Ingots
  • Gold Ingots
  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Netherrite Scrap
  • Garnets
  • Onyx
  • Amethyst


Ice Caves

Snowy biomes get some love with their own caves, these are separate and much more common than cave biomes - they even feature their own ore variants!


New Ores

Gubbins adds 3 new rare ores. The gems can be used to adorn your armour!

  • Onyx - A black gem, found under oceans
  • Garnet - A red gem, found in the nether
  • Amethyst - A purple gem, found in the end


Dyeable Campfires

You can dye campfires. Works for both regular and soul campfires.


Decoration Blocks

We got decoration blocks! Coming in a variety of flavours to suit your build.

 Warped Pods

Strange plants that live on the roof of Warped Forests. Eat their fruit to clear a random non-ambient potion effect!

 Chest Boats

Boats with a chest! Right click a chest on a boat to attach it. To access the inventory, sneak right click the boat, or open your inventory while riding.




Smaller Stuff:

 Prismarine arrow - an arrow that works perfectly underwater

  • Quiver - a handy item for holding your arrows
  • Potion Flask - A bigger potion bottle that can hold up to 16 doses of any potion! Just craft any potion with this flask to fill it
  • Telescope - An item that can be found within various ocean chests. You can see far away objects with it!
  • Water Bottles Wet Concrete - A small tweak that allows throwable water bottles to wet concrete powder
  • Crimson and Warped Boats - Simple boats in fancy crimson and warped colours!
  • Snowy Mansions - Mansions are now a bit more common, they can now appear in snowy areas, not just roofed forests
  • Silk Touch II - Combine two silk touch I books to obtain Silk Touch II. Silk Touch II can easily pickup the dragon egg and move infested blocks without disturbing silverfish!
  • Sticky Item Frames - Item frames that you can interact through. They wont get in the way of your chests so they're good for labels! (Sneak right click to rotate)
  • More Explorer Maps - You might come across  a map that leads to an ancient jungle pyramid or perhaps one that can lead you to the strange mushroom fields!



This mod has a decent amount of configuration!

If there is something you'd like a config option for,  it would be awesome if you could leave a comment explaining what is is and why you want the option.




X mod already has Y feature! 

Great minds think alike. There's lots of "vanilla improvement" mods out there. It's impossible to say that every feature is entirely unique. That said, no content has intentionally been "stolen" from any other mod.


Forge Version?



Backport to X version?



I have a suggestion!

That's great! Please leave a comment below, or open a Github issue on the mod's repository.


I found a bug!

Oh no! Please create a Github issue on the mod's repository.


How can I support this mod?

A donation would go a long way.


 Gubbins REQUIRES the fabric mod loader and Fabric API

See the Fabric website for instructions on installing Fabric

This mod will not be ported to forge.