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Call your loyal comrades for the protection of your kingdom ! Prepare your swords and your bows !



Crown :

The crown is the base to recruit your guards. You can get by killing mobs, or  by smelting a nugget gold.


You can also get nuggets gold by smelting crowns.


Recruitment desks :

There are two types of desks, one for melee units, the second for distance units.

 Below, this is GUI to hire melee guards. You need crowns to hire.

The price is displayed when you hover buttons with a description written by your servant.

 The GUI for the recruitment desk for distance units :

All is not yet implemented (greyed out buttons).

Guards :

For this moment, there are 9 types of guards, each with his own equipment.

With your guards, you can command them by : 

-Right-click to follow.

-Sneak + right-click to order to be on Offensive position or Defensive position.

Nota Bene : A guard can't follow you if he is on Defensive position.


If your one guard is hurted, you can regenerate his health by right-click with of the food.


Melee units :

6 types of melee guards :

-Milician :

-Swordman :

-Lancer :


-Malletman :

-Axeman :


-Halberdier :



Distance units :

3 types of distance guards :

-Bowman :

-Heavy bowman :

-Crossbowman (Skin since 1.16.4) :

A crossbowman



Weapons :

This mod adds new weapons for guards, but also for you :

Lance :

Halberd :


Mallet :

The mallet is more efficient against enemies who wear an armour.

War axe :

The waraxe can disable shields (Not tested).

Knife :



Thanks for downloading.



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