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Guard Illagers

108,077 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 11, 2019 Game Version: Forge


Guard Illagers Mod


two peaceful guards screaming endlessly in the blank void with text underneath and above them.




-Illager Guards that (Currently in 1.14) spawns exclusively, and rarely, in raids


-Attacks with iron swords, which can rarely drop. And shields (With illager faces on them)


-Drinks healing potions when damaged, and swiftness to catch up with the player (Which could also drop if killed while drinking.) 


-A rare drop from the aggressive guards.


-When worn shields the player's perspective.


-Reduces chance of illagers spotting the player by 50%




-MCVinnyq (Concept, models, textures, being handsome. Totally not me writing that.)

-Baguchan (Coding these cool evil illagers in!)


-Gegy (Contributing the awesome animated cape!)

-Gauge (created the awesome sounds!)


Hans (For that cute illager that's just chilling up there in the credits for decorative reasons, Thanks Hans! :3)




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