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Filename Grue-1.12.2-1.5.0.jar
Uploaded by Shinoow
Uploaded Sep 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 89a9d71aa1e353602f1549ffb9270f96
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Java 8


Sounds now properly play on the server (also stops VanillaFix from "crashing" the client if installed)
Grue no longer spawns in peaceful
The Grue timer pauses when riding in a Minecart or Boat
Added support for Optifine's Dynamic Lights
The Dynamic Lights List now automatically scans for blocks that emit light before adding entries from the configurable list
Grue doesn't instantly damage you on contact when it spawns
The Grue now spawns wherever the spawn sound was played, rather than the player's location (unless they stood still, that is)
Added a config option to restore the old spawning behavior
Increased the movement speed of the Grue when following a target player (you could outrun them by walking)
Added a configurable biome whitelist for biomes where the Grue can spawn
Added a config option to turn the biome whitelist into a blacklist
Added an IMC message for biome whitelist overrides ("registerBiomeWhitelistOverride", to "grue", with a biome ID (ResourceLocation) converted to a String)
Added a configurable list of moon phases when the Grue will spawn during nighttime (if any values are set). Only affects dimensions with a day-night cycle!
Added a config option that toggles whether or not only a single Grue can spawn at a time (pausing the timer if a Grue is within 10 blocks of the player)
Added a config option for the amount of damage the Grue deals when Wimp Mode is enabled (no, you can't set it to 0)
Added a config option for defining the minimum light level at which the Grue can spawn
Added a config option for defining the maximum light level at which the Grue can spawn
Added a configurable list of dimension-specific overrides for the majority of the available config options
Removed the Daylight Grue (with the config options for min and max light levels you can achieve the same thing)