Growing Up Core

2,016 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 9, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Growing Up Core was created specifically for the Growing Up modpack made by me!  Although I made it for me, I made it with everyone else in mind.


Currently as this is an early version of Growing Up Core it has few mechanics but does a lot more than you might think.


  • Adds a Radiation mechanic to ALL dimensions and is highly configurable.
  • Allows you to spawn in a pre-defined position in the world either as a solo player or as a team.


Features to come:  

  • Mid Tier: Hazmat Suit
  • High Tier: Exo-suit
  • Radiation First Aid (they exist, but are not implemented fully)
  • Radioactive free radicals such as hydrogen and chlorine gas.
  • Radiation scrubbers
  • Gas harvesting
  • Blocks that utilize gas as both fuels and catalysts
  • Radioactive enemies with mutations
  • Persistent player mutations when exposed to too much radiation (beyond death)
  • Persisting effects from gas exposure (beyond death)

As with all my mods all of this will be highly configurable and all input will be taken into consideration.  Expect this mod to take another month or two before all of these features are implemented, maybe a lot longer before everything is feature complete.


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