Grimoire of Alice

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Bringing the ~ze to minecraft

                               Welcome to Gensokyo

Grimoire of Alice is a mod that adds Fantastic Items and Enhanced Blocks to minecraft.


Grimoire of Alice is a magic mod based on a bullet hell shooter called Touhou [東方Project, Tōhō Purojekuto] developed by the Team Shanghai Alice.

If you dont know Touhou here are some links:

Touhou Wiki


The game itself:

This mods adds to the game 9 Hopeless Masquerades from Hata no Kokoro, 5 Impossible Requests from the Princess Kaguya Hime, one Sword of Scarlet Perceptions from the Celestial Tenshi Hinanawi, and a Forbidden Hourai Elixir of Eternity from the Goddess Eirin Yagokoro.
And much more.

Grimoire of Alice 1.10.2:

This mod requires DanmakuCore, get it here in Curse:

 You NEED to check out Journey To Gensokyo, that adds all the Fairies, Ghosts, Bosses and more:

  I also recommend installing JEI, or you wont be able to see the recipes in-game.

OOOOK OOOOOK, I have decided to continue doing this mod, I kind of abandoned the project for months... But I'm back! I will update this later with a kinder version of the last guide.
Example Recipe for the Jeweled Branch of Hourai :


* 4x Gold Ingots

* 4x Nether Shards (see in-game recipe)

* 3x Diamonds

* 3x Quartz

* 1 Nether Star

* 1 Sapling



Grimoire of Alice 1.7.10 (the bad one, bleh):

Grimoire Of Alice 1.7.10 adds items to the game that I thought were missing in the 1.7.10 Touhou Items Mod. The 1.7.10 version is intended to be used with 1.7.10 Touhou Items Mod and not by itself, so use both!

The 1.7.10 version will no longer be supported and bugs and crashes will not be fixed.

You can find the item recipes in NEI. I dont know them either.

Items and Blocks:


Holy Key Stone
- Gives a Potion Buff when you step on it
- If its raining it gives even better buffs to near players

- Explodes when broken
- Gives Luck when you step on it

Holy Stone
- Gives Potion Buff to the closest player when its raining
- Trades Gold Nuggets for XP
- Trades Gold Ingots for Dig Speed
- Trades Sperklen Melon for Regeneration
- Trades Iron Ingots for Resistance
- Trades Blaze Powder for Fire Resistance
- Trades Diamond for Absorption

- Pedending on your xp level it does different things

Shimenawa Rope
- Place a Holy Key Stone when used

Youkai Book
- A book with a different texture ffs

Ibakari Box
- Cures all potion effects when you drink it

- Gives bad potion effects when eaten

Kappas Nostrum
- Gives a strong health regen

- Give some good or bad Potion effects when your xp level is less than 30~40,
and if your xp is high enough, the masks then give better Potion Effects
(This should realy be obvious, the masks display what they give in the tooltip)

Kokoro's Maks
- Give floating masks to the player, and a powerful resistance to almost everything

Momiji Shield
- Gives some speed when used

Mochi Hammer
- Deals some damage, but has slowness

Mojiji Scimitar
- Diamond tier sword, with a durability of 1000

- Gives fire resistance to the player
- Summon a ball of fire
- Place fire when used

Nazrin Rod/Stick
- Blows up stuff around the player

Elly Scythe
- Works as a boomerang
- Gives harming or healing to its victims

Miko Stick
- Gives Regeneration
- Stops mobs and players from burning when hit with it

- Places boulders

- Shoots a needle that inflicts Poison

Nue Trident
- Gives Blindness to its victims
- Has better enchanting properties than gold

Sword of Kusanagi
- Summons smoke that pushes mobs away from you

Point Items
- Decoration

Time orb
- Makes night time go back by 500
- Can only be used at night

UFOs (The multicolor one)
- Teleports all Items close to the player to the player's feet

Third Eye
- Makes the user invisible

Pouch (Requires Touhou Items Mod)
- Stores up to 8 Spellcards


Touhou Items Mod Addon:

Special thanks:

- Kuroanko [For the original idea]

- The Touhou Wiki [For descriptions and behavior of the items]

- Katrix [For contributing and fixing lots to the mod]

- italktowalls [For the beautiful art in the mod]

- Touhou Alice Team [For making Touhou possible]

- ZUN [For being the coolest man on earth]

You can also join the Discord server, theres not much going on, but we can discuss ideas or new features in the mod ^-^



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