Grim Pack

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Grim Pack


Hey everyone I have completely changed how my mods work.

They now are in one mod which contains different parts. This is easier for me and should allow for faster updates.


So there are 7 parts

Core - The core mod only has the instruction manual.

Cuisine - Cuisine contains food and health items and blocks.

Decor - Decor is for decorating and just make everything look nice.

Industry - Industry is for slightly more complex mods and redstone blocks.

Tools - Tools is just a bunch of tools and weapons.

Util - Util is small utilities like automatically replacing items and fusrodah.

World - World contains all of the different world generation and mobs.


So, if you have any ideas please tell me.


Any questions, problems, or ideas send them my way!



Mod Information

For right now all information is


Every mod at the link is apart of this pack. Each page used to be its own separate mod but now they are all combined in the Grim Pack.

Some of that information may be outdated that is why it is recommended to use the instruction manual.



Super SlopesRoads Various Blocks



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