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This is page of GregTech 4 port for newer MC versions. As all you know GregTech always was a mod to add some complexity to default tech minecraft builds. If you dont like spenting a lot of time mining and doing same stuff as you need to in GT5, so GT4 is best choice for you! This is not just port of GT4, a lot of stuff was rewriten from scratch, some of them was fixed, also mod compat and recipes.

For thoose who dont know what is GT4: GregTech 4 is one of Major releases of global addon to IC2 mod. It adds a lot of new machines, new ores and their processing, a lot of automatization and complexity of vanilla and other mods recipes!


Port features


  • Brand new UX system for machines with fluid slots
  • Rewritten networking, less load, faster sync
  • Refactored and rewrited recipe system. Less useless ticking, faster recipe searching, caching, some recipes was merged into one since OreDict
  • Refreshed destructopack, now can not just remove items
  • Compat optimizations, more recipe working now
  • Optimized overall loading time
  • Added Large Plasma (Read Large Turbine manual book)
  • Added regional support, now all GT are localable, already include Russian locale
  • Moved items IDs to new MC names
  • Fixed IC2 energy networks, exlodes when needed
  • Extended NEI plugin, now not only fluid search is available, also filled fluid etc. Clicking on fluid slot with U/R also works
  • Most of generators recipe now not requires cells, also Large heat exchanger working on pure coolant.
  • Fixed sounds

I could have missed some tweaks, you can checkout our github to see full story of changes.




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I have plans to rewriting it more and port to newer versions, but now it is only on MC1.7.10. You always welcome to participate in developements, please carefully read github's readme.