Gregic Additions

113,412 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Gregic Additions is a GregTech Community Edition addon adding a lot of content to it and making sure you'll be playing it for a lot longer. It makes GTCE almost identical to GT5U, without some annoying parts of it, as well as adding some GT6 features.

General Features

  -Machines: Circuit Assembling Machine, Mass Fabricator, Replicator, Naquadah Reactors, tier 5-8 versions of existing machines
  -Multiblocks: Fusion Reactor and Assembly Line (the Scanner has not been added as many people such as myself found it being a pointless time gate)
 -Superconductors for every tier
  -Machines: Cluster Mill
  -Multiblocks: Coke Oven
  -Processing: Plate bending, Positive and Neutral Matter instead of UU-Matter, Plates are crafted from Double Ingots, Wrenches are made with Plates instead of Ingots
  -Support for Forestry's Electron Tubes
  -Processing: Forming Clay into Bricks
  -Processing: The Packager and Unpackager can craft and uncraft in a 3x3, Forming Clay into Bricks (inspired by GTNH)
  -Forestry support (adds recipes for Electrodes)
 -Tinkers' support (changes the Grout recipe and make Molds and Extruder Shapes require casting)