Green Thumb - Nature Overhaul

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Game Version 1.6.2
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About a million new recipes.
Horse Armor and Name Tags are craftable.
Tweaks to existing recipes.
Made Ender Block see-through.
Made it teleport, too.
Added lots of new flowers.
Added the Elder Tree.
Some aesthetic plants.
Added Sealed Planks.
Added several variants of stairs.
Added Poisoned Swords.
Added Iron Dagger and Poisoned Iron Dagger.
Added Ancient Toxin.
Added Raw Squid and Calamari.
Added Raw Sheep Rinds and Cooked Sheep Rinds.
Added the Green Apple.
Added Wooden Buckets.
Added some fences.
Added some walls.
Added three machines - Redstone Seeder, Redstone Corruptor, and Redstone Ager.
Added some slabs.
Added the awesome Apple Pie.
Added Glowstone Torch.
Added Adobe Dungeons and Wells.
Tweaked Mud and Hardened Dirt spawn rates.
Added clay and cobblestone to worldgen.
Edited dungeon loot amounts.
Made villagers occasionally drop emeralds (if you kill villagers just for their emeralds, you’re a sick, sick person) at 1/10 chance.
Melons spawn in swamp biomes.
Added gravity to the Ender Block.
Made the Iron Dagger’s durability much less.
Added block harvest levels to almost everything.
Changed the names of lots of stuff.
Mud and Tar now makes you slow when you walk on them.
Changed the Creative Tab icon to the Green Apple.
Added lore to some items.
Made Cracked Brick recipes not consume pickaxes.
Edited the amount of XP you get from furnace recipes.
Changed the End Portal Frame Recipe.
Elder Leaves now decay.
Blocks that should be flammable are now flammable.
Set up the mod differently - everything has its own folder.
Added some details to blocks.
Cleaned up world generation; no longer lags.
Added cheese and Cheesecake.
Glowstone Torch added - no longer has particles.
Fixed Atrum Viridis not afflicting wither on you when touched.
Changed “Hardened Dirt” to “Packed Dirt” because of a conflict with Biomes O’ Plenty.
Changed “Mudball” to “Mud” because of conflict with Biomes O’ Plenty.
A couple other names changed to resolve conflict.
Changed snow and ice spawn rates in taigas so they’re not annoyingly large.
Hardened Dirt, Mud, Clay, and Cobblestone now only generate in certain biomes; Plains, Extreme Hills, Oceans, and Swamps.
Adobe Well error - unknown metadata for slabs. Fixed it - wells now generate in Plains and Extreme Hills without errors.
Fixed Adobe Dungeons spawning too commonly.
Adobe Dungeons didn’t generate at all, before I rewrote the code. Rewrote dungeon gen code.
Added some cool particles to the three machines.