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The graves mod is a mod that holds onto your items when you die so you can later retrieve them.

Simply break the grave.

JourneyMap integration coming soon™

Chisels & Bits Support

Use a Chisels & Bits creation on a headstone to set your headstone.

Use an empty hand on a headstone to clear the headstone.


TomTom Support

Just install TomTom and we will do the rest.


if you would like to customize your headstone checkout my Patreon.

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  • Graves
    • (c) 2016 FireBall1725

The graves mod can be freely used and modified as long as no profit is made directly from this Minecraft mod. This mod can be included into any modpacks without asking for permissions.


Official downloads for the Graves mod can be found on CurseForge


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Beta Releases

Looking for the latest and greatest version?

  • Graves (Minecraft 1.8.9)
    • Latest Build

Recipes and Anvil