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-ID change; Blocks involving the word "varphi" have been amended to instead say "phi", to fix a silly misunderstanding on my part. This involves changing the string IDs of those blocks. To update, copy the graphs from these blocks with memory cards, break the blocks, and then replace them with the new blocks. You'll also have to change your variables to reflect this. Sorry about the mistake happening in the first place.
-Performance Improvement; No longer tries to render points with non-number coordinates (spoiler, it fails even if it does try).

-Enhancement; GUI no longer closes when there are loose equation blocks, meaning your equation won't be overwritten by some empty block you forgot about.
-Enhancement; Block deletion can be undone through use of the "Undelete Block" button.
-Enhancement; Vastly reduced possible z-fighting (opt-in through config).
-Enhancement; Copy equation blocks by Ctrl + clicking them.
-Enhancement; Delete equation blocks by Alt + clicking them.
-Enhancement; Texture change reflecting ID change.
-Bugfix; GUI text fields no longer duplicate when the window resizes.
-New equation blocks; -[], 1/[], []^preserved[], []^positive[], int_up_to[], []int_between[], double_up_to[], []double_between[], gaussian, percent[]
-Removed equation blocks; negative_square[]