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Graffiti started as a mod made for the MMD Birthday Jam - and it won! :D


This mod is all about art. You can freely write and draw on the walls, and share your creations with the world!


What you can do right now!

You can write and draw freely on the walls, floor, and ceiling! Right-click anywhere with your pen to make a drawable area, then right-click it again to open the text editor. Alternatively, shift-right click air to switch to free drawing mode, where you can right-click to directly draw on the block. Bonus points; if you set a second pen in your offhand, you can write and draw with that pen using left-click! This only works in Survival mode unfortunately!


Each blockspace supports up to 6 Canvases, so you can draw in corners without limiting your creativity!


Additionally, you can use the Canvas Editor to, as the name suggests, modify your drawn-on block! Ok, it's not really a canvas, but to a graffiti artist the whole city is a canvas, so it's a canvas!

This is what truly opens up the mod, allowing you to rescale the canvas (between 16x16 up to 128x128), modify the already-written text, and import or export your art to share with friends!


Recipes are pretty simple! Make a Black pen to start, then recolour it by placing two of the same colour dye beside it. There is a pen for each of the 16 dyes, plus three additionals for Minecraft text colour codes which don't exist in dye form.



Import & Export

All your art can be exported at any time to a .json file, placed in your Minecraft directory. This json file contains everything about your art, such as pixels, texts and a bit of additional info. 

Likewise, you can import art by dropping a valid .json file into that same directory! I advise against trying to edit the .json file itself (although if people want it, I am considering making an external editor outside of the game for it. Let me know!) 


Future Plans

1.12 Support! My next plan is a backport to 1.12, as this seems to be a very popular request. I will do my best to keep both versions updated and compatible with the import/export system.

Block/Item support! You'll be able to set a block as the background for your artwork to draw on. In a later update, you'll be able to render blocks/items as part of the artwork too (think Bibliocraft fancy signs, but more freedom)

Shapes and Stickers! A bunch of pre-defined shapes to quickly draw more complex things while having better performance than the free-form grid!

- Stamps! Create a custom shape and make a stamp! Stamps will instantly paint the shape onto a block, but will only paint a single colour.

In-UI Editing! Draw directly within the UI for a more refined experience

Better text! Text is a bit boring still, and will have more customizability in future versions.




Yes! Turns out this was my most requested feature and will be the next thing I work on after 1.3. The backport will be a one-off of current features to 1.12, before I continue with 1.15/1.16. I will try to keep import/export systems functional cross-version though!


Go for it! As long as you're not making money off the distribution of the modpack, and you're in line with the licences of all other mods you use, feel free.


I drew something cool, can I show you?

YES PLEASE! I'd love to see what people are drawing with this! Comment it below, or drop it in the dedicated channel in my Discord server! 


Someone on my server drew something rude/offensive!! 
See the small print below. 


Caveats/Known issues

Performance with a lot of graffiti blocks in one area hasn't been extensively tested. Especially if you use lots of 128x canvases on a server, expect at least a bit of a hit when loading an area - possibly even FPS drops overall.

Please see changelogs for more version-specific caveats and issues.

Please report back what issues you encounter! 


Finally, some example art!

These were drawn by Rdishong03 using Version 1.2!

Graffiti Pokemon

Want your art here? Post it in my Discord!


The Small Print

Graffiti is art. However, graffiti as an act of vandalism is a crime. Every state/province has vandalism laws that apply to graffiti, and local entities such as cities and counties have anti-graffiti ordinances. Violation of these laws can result in a fine, probation, or a jail sentence. SEGA Fureniku does not condone the real life act of vandalism in any form.
Additionally, I am not responsible for any user-generated content created with this mod. People will draw rude and offensive images, I am aware of that and there is nothing I can do to prevent it beyond the tools offered within the mod. Any server running this mod should be aware of that and take precautions they deem necessary. And yes, that first part was totally stolen from Jet Set Radio. Awesome game, check it out.