Game of Thrones Mod [1.7.10]

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Filename Game of Thrones v17.6.jar
Uploaded by Hummel009
Uploaded Jan 26, 2022
Game Version 1.7.10   +2
Size 30.19 MB
Downloads 52
MD5 eea8ad7db1c57af0444bbc8fa174ff8c


+ Added full Ukrainian edition (lore, speech, names, quests: prod. DDPAT Knife Series)
+ Added full Turkish edition (lore, speech, names, quests: prod. Ness)

* Recoded all the flat biome system
* Reworked all the speechbank system
* Great Texture Update (armor sets, shields, capes and banners: prod. Hummel009)

+ Added rice and cucumbers
+ Added riders to natural spawn
+ Added Moribald Chester
+ Added 4 waypoints
+ Added new Jogos Nhai units
+ Added Jogos Nhai banner
+ Added new Hardhome
+ Added skirling pass as a hidden road in mountains
+ Added villages and houses for wildling, thenn and north hillmen
+ Added random corn plants spawning
+ Added random structures
+ Added Tugar Khan
+ Added Hojtbaatar waypoint
+ Added Jogos Nhai armor
+ Added Tugar Khan achievement
+ Added dark variants of scrap trader and thief

* Improved hillmen villages
* Improved essos structures
* Improved roads
* Improved guards: sync between Essos and Westeros
* Improved Yi Ti Roads
* Improved almost all biomes
* Improved summer islands' strscans
* Improved white walkers attack AI
* Improved massy and cracklaw
* Improved forests and mountains
* Improved spawning
* Improved Bu Gai Quest
* Improved structures generator
* Improved wall gate

* Optimized iron bank code

* Fixed exactly 100 bugs in gameplay. Thanks to VVVIP2 for this challenge.
* Fixed bug with map screen sometimes opening onto empty sea at integer max value coordinates
* Fixed bug with FT in bed
* Fixed bug with sothoryos sarbacaners
* Fixed bug with birds
* Fixed bug with capes and shields
* Fixed bug with unsmeltery-NEI compatibility
* Fixed bug with riders without horse armor
* Fixed bug with horses in houses
* Fixed bug with Twins
* Fixed bug with crashing removed biomes
* Fixed bug with Yi Ti border
* Fixed bug with attack
* Fixed bug with village spawning
* Fixed bug with scorpion drop
* Fixed bug with iron bank
* Fixed bug with alchemist skin
* Fixed bug with speech and chat
* Fixed bug with structures of Mossovy
* Fixed bug with sandstone in Westeros
* Fixed bug with Daenerys Targaryen spawning
* Fixed bug with Yi Ti cities
* Fixed bug with valyrian smelting

- Removed HD banners
- Removed Skirling pass as a biome
- Removed corn fields
- Removed Kitra's achievement
- Removed Kitra
- Removed Kitra's Camp waypoint
- Removed 28 technical biomes
- Removed camps and tents of wildling, thenn and north hillmen

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