Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Mod is a huge expansion for Minecraft that aims to add the world of Known World into the game. This will include content from HBO series, Game of Thrones, and from other related sources as The World of Ice and Fire.

The mod has been in development since May 2019, with a great amount of features released during 5 years. Mod is finished and new updates will contain only small additions and bugfixes.

The official wiki (Russian) is the place to go if you want to learn about the mod and its contents. If you don't know russian, you can visit an English wiki. You can also talk about the mod, report bugs, and discuss all sort of things on the mod's Discord server. It is Russian, but has Chinese and English channels.

New contents

  • A new Game of Thrones dimension.
  • An alignment system where your actions can improve or harm your reputation with many independent factions.
  • Randomly generated Mini-quests, and the MQ Book to record them.
  • A system of modifiers for customising and upgrading your weapons, tools, and armor.
  • Seamless multiplayer integration in all areas of the mod.
  • 684 items: from legendary weapons to roasted chestnuts.
  • 625 blocks: from concrete to ice bricks.
  • 37 factions: all the peoples of Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos.
  • 860 mobs: civilians and soldiers, animals and monsters.
  • 179 characters: Daenerys Targaryen, Gregor Clegane, Petyr Baelish, Stannis Baratheon and others.
  • 474 waypoints: King's Landing, Harrenhal, Winterfell and more. Each has a fixed structure: a castle, a city, a tower, a village, ruins...
  • 398 structures: cities, castles and villages, houses and taverns.
  • 605 banners of the great and small houses of Westeros, as well as the banners of Essos.
  • 182 biomes: from Westeros to Ulthos.
  • 483 achievements: mine, trade and kill in the name of the challenge!
  • 281 roads: they link settlements, cross mountains and rivers.
  • 3 walls: Westeros, Ibben and Yi Ti.


  • Hummel009 (main mod code, texture assets, text assets, translations, ideas, tests)
  • Mon1tor (code for multiple characters)
  • Octobrine (text assets, translations, ideas)
  • 安北都护府大都护-至高无上的Xiang SiMa (text assets, translations, ideas)
  • 贾昆·赫加尔01 (text assets, translations, ideas)
  • RoobimWu (text assets, translations, ideas)
  • DAndMaster (texture assets, ideas)
  • sashar2000r (texture assets, ideas)
  • Danvintius Bookix (text assets, ideas)
  • iliamakar (texture assets)
  • Tabula (texture assets)
  • ToCraft (translations)
  • beautifulrobloxgirl01 (translations)
  • Agripas (translations)
  • Ness (translations)
  • Axel Snow (translations)
  • Sword of the Morning (translations)
  • Valence (translations)
  • Alqualindë (translations)
  • Jaehaerys (translations)
  • VVVIP2 (tests)
  • TIGASA (tests)
  • Alex.Tollar (ideas)
  • Maglor (ideas)
  • StalkerKir (ideas)
  • Coolaga/GualaBoy (ideas)
  • Amandil (ideas)
  • Arbeit (ideas)

And special thanks to:

  • Mevans and other people from LOTR team.
  • Dwarfy Assassin, Valiec and other people from LOTR: First Age team.