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Welcome to the Safari! Goodall is a mod that aims to add various mobs and wildlife to liven up your Minecraft world!

To see both Forge and Fabric releases go here.


            What does this mod add?


  • Rhinos - Large mammals spawning in savanna biomes, they stomp out any nearby fires; can you find the rare white rhino?
  • Blue Footed Booby - A small bird found wandering beaches, if given tropical fish they will locate any nearby buried treasure with an "x".
  • Seals - Spawning on stone shores and frozen oceans, seals serve as prey for polar bears and ambience to their corresponding biomes. 
  • Dumbo Octopus - They spawn in deep oceans and can be bucketed, upon death they can drop ink sacs. 
  • Manatee - Find these guys peacefully swimming around ocean biomes and coastal waters. No use as of yet.
  • Flamingo - They spawn in swamps and jungles. Flamingos do not have a use as of yet. 
  • Kiwi - Spawning in jungle biomes, the kiwi can be pet by right-clicking, other than serving as ambience these guys are so cute!
  • Fennec Fox - Find these in deserts and tame them with raw chicken! Command to sit and follow, they also hold items in their mouth. 
  • White Tailed Deer - Spawning in most forest biomes, the White tailed deer can be killed for a new meat source, venison. These will flee the player.
  • Red Deer - The red deer spawns in dark oak forests, they can be killed for venison or on occasion for their head which is a new decor piece. 



                Frogipher#4778 (Art)
           ThatGravyBoat#0001 (Code)

           Condorcrest#8406 (Animations)


           As long as credited, Goodall may be used in modpacks, youtube videos, etc.


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