Goblins & Dungeons

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Goblins & Dungeons is a mod based on the popular tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons, as well as other tabletop RPGs. We aim to add a unique experience to the game with interesting mobs, structures, and items, while also trying not to stray too far from the vanilla feel. 


Current content includes:

  • 7 new regular enemies
  • 1 mini-boss
  • 1 boss
  • 4 new structures
  • And more!


Join our Discord for updates on future content!



What players can and cannot do without permission:

  • Take screenshots or record videos
  • Add this mod to a modpack, so long as it has proper credit and can link back to here
  • Cannot recompile and reupload the mod elsewhere
  • Cannot take assets from this mod to use elsewhere