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This is a remake of an old mod of minecraft : "Goblin! Mod" ! It's my favorite mod, so I taked my knowledge, and I goed make it ! :) (Sorry for the english in the next part, I'm French...)

Ps : The mod was make at 50% with MCreator ^^ ! Thanks to they to maked this awesome tool ^^


Just before begin, this is my first mod, so if there are many bugs, errors or anythings, sorry in advance...


So, I talk, I talk, but where is the mod presentation ?


Goblin Mod Reforged is a mod where you have to fight many village, campsite or castle of goblin ! But, this isn't simple : the goblins are strongs, very strongs so take good armor before fight ;)

After having destroyed the village, you have to pick-up all of the his ressources, gold ingots, iron ingots, and things more precious like diamonds ! The villages have many precious ressources, so destroying they, isn't so useless !


There are nine goblin's type :

The Soldats, fighting on melee, they are easy to beat !

Goblin Soldier

The Rangers, fighting at range, they are more hard to beat and can be very hard if there are many of them !

Goblin Ranger

The Bombers, fighting on melee, but make sure to kill them quick before they place bombs, they can be very hard if you haven't a good sword !

Goblin Bomber

The Wolfs, Not really a goblin, but I can't make another category for just one mob ^^ ! It is very hard, it move speedly, and do great damage !

Goblin's Wolf

The Miners, They are like the soldats, but littlely more strong !

Goblin Miner


Now, I will start the bosses, so if you don't want to be spoil, don't show the spoiler !

 The Lord/Leader, Strong, quick and robust, extremely hard to beat, take the time to prepare yourself before start to fight him !

Goblin's Leader

The Shaman, Use the ancient magic, it can fly, shoot many fireball and it robust, the fight will not be easy !

Goblin Shaman

The King, The hardest goblin of the mod, it is very robust, block projectiles, and have a good armor ! He is nearly impossible to beat without strategy !

The King

(Yes the shield is pretty ugly, sorry, I change it in the future !)


There are also three structures :


The Campsite / Mining Place, It is small, it spawn goblin miner, and you can find many ore extracted on it !


The Village, It is of medium size, you find it many goblin, and also wolfs. It is hardly if you haven't the iron tier, minimum !


The Castle, It is large, and very rare, it is also very hard, and if you haven't enought diamond tools, you haven't any hopes to win !


(Yes, it is so rare that I only found it in flat world !)


The crafts and items functions :


The bomb :

Throw it to explode a part of the map, (smaller explosion than TNT) also have a good knockback !

Shuriken :

A arrow alternative, can't be enchanted, but do the same damage of the bow !

Molotov Cocktail :

Throw it to make fire an area of 5x5x5 !

Arcane Powder :

A useless item, burn it to make an another object !

Rage Powder :

A useless item, burn it to make an another object !

Wild Powder :

A useless item, burn it to make an another object !

Light Powder :

A useless item, burn it to make an another object !

Arcane Crystal :

Used at the craft of a arcanic item !

Crafted by burn a arcane powder


Rage Crystal :

Used at the craft of a strong item !

Crafted by burn a rage powder


Wild Crystal :

Used at the craft of a wild item !

Crafted by burn a wild powder 


Light Crystal :

Used at the craft of a light item !

Crafted by burn a light powder


The Warp Staff :

Teleport the player at the block right clicked (five blocks at up !)

The Wand of Goblin : 

Spawn a goblin allied at the player position !

Storm Staff :

Spawn a lightbolt at the block right clicked !

Light Staff :

Shoot a Light ball at the light speed and spawn a lightbolt at the impact position !

Light Ball :

Projectile of the light staff.

Fire Sword :

Burn all mobs hurted by this sword.

Infernal Armor :

An armor like diamond, but with potion effect for every part of the armor :

- The hood give night vision,

- The chestplate give fire resistance,

- The leggings give jump boost level IV

- The boots give speed level V

Spectral Pickaxe :

Breaks blocks with an inegalate speed !

Spectral Shovel :

Dig blocks with an inegalate speed !

Spectral Axe :

Cut blocks with an inegalate speed !

Goblin Drum :

Spawn a Goblin allied on the block


Thanks to the people what have read all of my presentation ^^ !


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