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Glumbis adds an easy way to transport cats! 


Current Features:

  • Sock, crafted from 1 string and 1 wool. Right clicking on a cat with a sock will pick the cat up (like a bucket of cod).
  • Socks, crafted from 2 individual socks or 2 string and 2 wool. Can be worn, and repaired with string.
  • Soggy Socks, obtained by getting worn socks wet. Provide more protection than dry socks, but will dry over time. If enchanted with unbreaking, they will not turn into dry socks. They also display water particles, and the higher the unbreaking level the more particles they display. 
  • Glumbis, a cat in a sock! Can be placed back down anywhere to get a sock back. Having a glumbis in your hotbar scares away creepers.  
  • A few advancements


Planned Features:

  • Make socks stack to 16 
  • Color variants for different cats
  • Glumboss?
  • Dyable socks


If you find any issues or have suggestions, let me know!
Feel free to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/74cnBBa9c5


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