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Glowing Cocoa arrived!

This small mod adds a new kind of cocoa to the jungle. It lights up the night! Harvested by scissors you will get lots of decorative lanterns. Or harvest them by hand and get a new kind of Glowstone Dust. You can craft it into Glowstone or RedstoneLamps in new colors or smelt it into normal Glowstone Dust. Now you are able to farm Glowstone Dust!


What you'll get:

When you encounter the jungle at night, you'll find this new plant growing on trees above height level 80 (New generated jungle required). There are three different colored GlowingCocoa types. At any age you can harvest them with scissors. These lanterns come in nine colors and in three sizes. Once harvested they won't grow further and the decoration abilities with them are endless. (They can be placed on every side of a block)

Example how lanterns can be used



New Creative Tab: 

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Important Recipes

When you harvest them by hand you'll get GlowingCocoa Dust. It can be crafted like normal Glowstone Dust. In the oven you can dry out every lantern into GlowingCocoa Dust. It is even possible to dry the GlowingCocoa Dust into Minecraft Glowstone Dust.

Or use the Cocoa Dust to plant new cocoas on jungle wood and see them grow. (Use bonemeal if you can't wait) The endless search for Glowstone in the Nether is over!


Rainbow Update! 

New in version 1.1: Now you get Glowstone and RedstoneLamps in seven different colors! Glowing Torches are added too!




Try it out and have fun!


Requires Forge 1.12.2


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