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Glowing Ores (Glore)


Glowing Ores (Glore) is a mod that adds light emission to ores.


  • Diamond: 15
  • Emerald: 12
  • Gold: 10
  • Lapis: 7
  • Copper: 7
  • Iron: 4
  • Coal: 4
  • Redstone: Dynamic, same behavior as vanilla.


To get the light this mod adds to be colored you will need to use this mod alongside a shader that supports colored lighting. This mod was made and tested with Complementary Reimagined + Euphoria Patches' colored lighting setting enabled, but other shaders should work aswell.


There are two config jsons for this mod found in the mods folder alongside the mod jar. They are generated when you open the game with the mod installed, and you can adjust them appropriately to change which blocks glow and how brightly they glow.

Diamond ore glowing under a rail in a mineshaft.

Discord: This mod may be used in any modpack.

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