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What Globe is, in a gif (better with sound)

Globe is a mod written in 18 hours during the last 24 hours of ModJam 5. Voting is now open:



Ever wanted to have those fancy snow globes you've always seen in gift shops? Now, you can make your own! Using the globe creator, all you need to do is put a globe in it and activate it. Yes, it is that simple!


After the globe creator is done, pick up it's result and there you have it, a fancy globe! Put it down on a solid surface and admire it, maybe even punch it to make it snow in the globe!


Want to spice it up even more? Put your globe on our "magnetic" globe stands. These stands use "magnets" that make your globe float and keeps it in place, no matter how much you punch it!





Globe Creator


Globe Stand


Known issues:

  • Block rendering is not efficient and has issues, item render and entity renders also has issues, these were not addressed due to ModJam's time constraints. They will be fixed in the future.
  • Putting globes into a globe recursively, repeatedly, is not good for FPS. This may be addressed in the future.
  • Snow render can look a bit buggy. It was done in the last 30 minutes of ModJam. This will be fixed in the future.
  • Disconnects because the NBT data created when making a globe is too large.
  • Crashes because of Tile Entity creation as in with Forge Multipart

Future plans:

  • Make a way to release the globe's contents.
  • Possibly make it so you can enter globes (unlikely)
  • Make proper rain/snow/animation in globes.
  • A way to change the radius of the globe creator.
  • Include a blacklist of which blocks you cannot pick up.
  • Configs.

Requires Minecraft Forge.


If you made it this far. You should check out this clip that happened during development.




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