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Global Emeralds [Fabric]




Emerald ore has always only spawned in Mountain Biomes, also known as Extreme Hills Biomes. This mod changes that, by unlocking its own Emerald Ore to spawn in all (Overworld) biomes. This emerald ore has the same texture as vanilla, and acts the same within recipes.


World-Gen is simple, it follows the same rules as Emerald Ore does in Vanilla Minecraft, except in all biomes. It replaces Stone, Granite, Diorite, and Andesite, between the y-levels of 4 and 31, and will try to spawn 6 groups of ore per chunk, at a value of one ore per group.

Modpack Permissions:

You may put my mod into your modpack without asking, you do not need to give a link to my mod in the description of your modpack. I would love a comment about it though!


  • Is there a Forge version?
  • Yes there is, linked here.


  • Why create this?
  • I wanted this mod for my own modpack with friends and didn't find it, so I figured it couldn't take long and made it.


  • Does this mod add Emerald Armor/Tools/Dogs/Spaceships?
  • No, this mod knows what it is. It adds nothing else to the game but the spawning of emerald ore in all Minecraft (Overworld) Biomes.

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