Glacia Dimension

3,229 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 1, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Glacia dimension mod ported from its old 1.7.10 version, written in Kotlin and currently in beta





Magic stone = Portal frame
Glacial grass = Snowy grass block
Glacial dirt = Ice dirt block
Glacial wood = Glacial tree wood
Glacial leaves = Glacial tree leaves
Glacial planks = Glacialwood made planks
Glacial stone = Ice stone
Crystal = New glacia ore
Glacialwood stairs = New stairs
Glacialwood slab = New slab
Glacial door = A glacialwood door
Snowy sand = A snowy sand block
Glacial cobblestone = Ice cobblestone
Ice (ore) = New glacia ore
Glacialwood fence = A fence made of glacial wood
Glacialwood fence gate = A fence gate made of glacial wood
Crystal of power = A magic strange-shaped crystal
Magic ice = A magic source of power
Compact ice = A block made of compact ice ore
Ice column = A pillar made of ice
Granite column = An original pillar like greeks ued to



Glacial sapling = Grow into glacial trees
Ice flower = Snowy flower
Glacial berry plant = An attractive plant



Crystal = Crystal ore
Solid ice = Solid ice ore
Magic stone piece = A misterious stone



Crystal rod = A rod made of crystal
Crystal sword = Sword made of crystal
Crystal pickaxe = Pickaxe made of crystal
Crystal axe = Axe made of crystal
Crystal shovel = Shovel made of crystal
Crystal hoe = Hoe made of crystal
Ice rod = A rod made of ice
Ice sword = Sword made of ice
Ice pickaxe = Pickaxe made of ice
Ice axe = Axe made of ice
Ice shovel = Shovel made of ice
Ice hoe = Hoe made of ice
Ice dagger = Dagger made of ice
Ice warhammer = Warhammer made of ice
Ice bastard sword = Bastard sword made of ice
Magic portal switcher = Like flint and steel but made of magic stone
Glacialwood rod = A rod made of glacial wood
Glacialwood sword = Sword made of glacial wood
Glacialwood pickaxe = Pickaxe made of glacial wood
Glacialwood axe = Axe made of glacial wood
Glacialwood shovel = Shovel made of glacial wood
Glacialwood hoe = Hoe made of glacial wood



Crystal helmet = Helmet made of crystal
Crystal chest = Chestplate made of crystal
Crystal leggings = Leg armor made of crystal
Crystal boots = Boots made of crystal
Ice helmet = Helmet made of ice
Ice chest = Chestplate made of ice
Ice leggings = Leg armor made of ice
Ice boots = Boots made of ice
Misterious armor = Rare to drop armor
Glacial turtle head = A beautiful trophy
Glacial turtle shell = An hard shell
Glacial turtle limbs = Lims cut from glacial paws
Glacial turtle paws = Turtle style shoes



Glacial berry = A juicy fruit
Saber-toothed cat meat = row meat
Saber-toothed cat cooked meat = cooked meat



Misterious armor piece = A broken misterious armor's piece
Broken quadium bulb = A strange item, but broken
Quadium bulb = This item have a great power
Penguin feather = A soft feather
Bluestone = A magic powder
Quadium pearl = A magic item that comes from quadium bulb
Return rune = Fast back to the world (WIP)



Glacial seeker = A snowy creature
Penguin = A cute penguin
Saber-toothed cat = A tiger with strange teeth
Glacial turtle = An hostile icy turtle
Raindeer = Cute raindeers
Polar bear = An hostile bear


Achievements (WIP port)

Glacia = Teleport in Glacia
Glacial wood = Cut some wood
One of us = Become a Glacial turtle


Potions (WIP port)

Morph potion: snowman = morph into a snowman



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