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Uploaded Aug 13, 2019
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Not fully completed, but I patched up all known bugs, so don't think your game will die if you download this. There might be a few names or other things missing, but don't worry, Minecraft shouldn't crash.


Newly Added Stuff

-West, East, and Unified Roman Materials; only East currently has working traits.

-The Cosmic Shotgun, a fun tool that shoots out fireballs in random directions. It was meant to function as an actual shotgun, but you can't get everything, can you?

-The Power Forge and Godslayer Forge, two tools. The Power Forge adds most modifiers to tools (in-inventory) to their maximum amounts attainable (for example, level 10 for Beheading). The Godslayer Forge adds 100 "materials" for the same modifiers for all tools, even though due to the way the TiCon code works, it has different results depending on how much is required to increase a level; one click will set Beheading to level 100, while it will only add 1 level of Haste. This might also cause Shurikens, Arrows, Crossbow Bolts, and other projectiles to display no texture when thrown. The Power Forge is the recommended tool to use here, as the Godslayer Forge has many issues, like those mentioned.

-Super Speed now includes fast mining. 



-Nothing has a crafting recipe just yet.


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