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The Test Mod started out as a Test of what I could mod into the game. This mod has so many cool things in it I have decided to release it. The Test Mod adds various things like a custom chest


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Test Item

The Test Item can be obtained in two ways.

- Mining the ore [Test Ore]

- Crafting

Cooked Test Item

Raw Test Food

The Raw Test Food restores 2 hunger.

Cooked Test Food

The Cooked Test Food restores 4 hunger.

Test Tools

Test Sword

The Test Sword has 1733 durability and deals 7.5 damage.

Test Axe

The Test Axe has 1733 durability.

Test Pickaxe

The Test Pickaxe has 1733 durability.

Test Shovel

The Test Shovel has 1733 durability.

Test Hoe

The Test Hoe has 1733 durability.

Test Armor

Test Helmet

Test Chestplate

Test Leggings

Test Boots

Tier 2 Test Armor

When the full Tier 2 Armor Set is worn it will give you the potion effects regeneration 3, absorption 2, and resistance 2.

Tier 2 Test Helmet

Tier 2 Test Chestplate

Tier 2 Test Leggings

Tier 2 Test Boots

Test Orb

The Test Orb is a throw able item that deals 2 damage to mobs.

Throw And Mow

The Throw And Mow is a creative only throw able item that, on impact with a block, clears an area of grass and flowers.

Test Shield

The Test Shield is an item that, when held, gives the player the resistance  4 potion effect until the item is not held.



Test Block

Test Ore

When broken the Test Ore drops one Test Item.

Test Chest

The Test Chest is a chest that has 54 item slots and doesn't combine when placed side by side.

Lab Block

Lab Key Pad

When the Lab Key Pad is right clicked acts like a lever.

Lab Light

The Lab Light emits a light.

Lab Glass

The Lab Glass is a see through block.

Installation And Troubleshooting

First, make sure you've downloaded and installed Minecraft Forge. The Mod goes in the mods folder inside .minecraft or your server's mods folder.


if you get an error or crash, you can upload the crash report (as a text file) to a file hosting website or pastebin and put a link to the file in the comments.


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