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A hat mod that adds hats that appear in dungeon chests and may drop from some armoured mobs (may be fixed in future, but wasn't that good)

This mod requires Trinkets, the hats go in the "mask" slot



Sailor: makes you go faster in a boat

Slime: makes you bounce on landing

Bowler: makes you walk faster

Cowboy: Makes you travel faster on a horse

Santa: frost walker but more consistent

Floating: A slow fall hat

Bunny ears: jump boost

Deerstalker hat: makes mobs nearby glow when sneaking (Flappy_McChicken)

cat ears: scares creepers when sneaking (UwU)

fox ears: freezes animals when sneaking (Fox!)

electric mouse ears: drops lightning bolts randomly when sneaking IN RAIN (secrettrainer472)

russian hat: removes status effects if you have more than one

Dome of the Strider: fire resistance, nice. (Nam Etag fabric discord)

Woolrus Hat: Dolphins Grace and Nightvision whilst swimming (N/A)

Space Helmet: Supplies oxygen to the wearer, even underwater! (Psylent)

leprechaun hat: grants the user some luck after sneaking (only works on fishing though) (TheIrishStud)

Golem Bucket: on hitting an entity they get thrown upward (Sheepking186)

Wolf Ears: hitting a sheep shears it (Alphie_U on Twitch)

Jotaro hat: gives enemies weakness when hit (although I want it to make it so enemies dont have Iframes) (me lol)

Witches Brim: has a chance to give slowness, mining fatigue or poison on punching an enemy (quite a few people suggested this)


Top Hat, Tippity-Top Tophat, lil tater, Fez and crown: Aesthetic only....currently


I need more hat ideas! you can suggest a hat and an ability if necessary here:


As of version 1.4 you can edit the weights of the hats in loot chests. This means you can now disable a hat by setting its weight to 0, or make some hats more rare/common and all hats more or less common :D


You can help translating hat names, if applicable on Github in sources


English (en_us) - me

Chinese (zh_cn) - qsefthuopq

Russian (ru_ru) - OneGameKoTT

Ukraine (uk_ua) - OneGameKoTT


Please don't repost this mod anywhere without my explicit permission

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