GimmeStuff - Creative Edition

3,953 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2016 Game Version: 1.9.4   +1

Adds one-block-providers for items/fluids/power and other tools not suited for real survival.

A mod perfectly suited for creative builds or servers that want to prevent lag.


 Currently contains (as of 0.1.0 - beta):

  • An infinite fluid provider/acceptor
    • For every Fluid in-game + the Void variant
  • An infinite item provider in two variations
    • Single: Provides and accepts only a single type of itemstack
    • Multi: Provides and accepts multiple different itemstacks
  • An infinite energy provider
    • RF: Provides and accepts infinite amounts of RF energy
  • A "god food" item which displays the player's food stats and restores them all to the maximum when eaten


  • A way to combine this all in one highly configurable block
  • Handheld devices analog to the blocks


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