Giacomo's Bookshelf

324,243 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3   +1

This mod add a new block Giacomo’s Bookshelf that works as a storage for books, maps and paper and as a source of power for enchantment table (see images for more details).

When crafted it's empty and you can put items in it. There are 8 versions based on the type of wood used for crafting.

Giacomo’s bookshelves can be broken fairly easily by hand, but can be broken faster by using an axe. In either case, they will drop all item stored.

When harvested with an item that is enchanted with silk touch, it will drop itself as a normal bookshelf and will keep its items, which can be retrieved when placed again.


When holding a bookshelf with items inside, the items will be listed as properties.


Bookshelves give power to enchanting table, but if you use less than 3 books per bookshelf the power is reduced.


Bookshelves in action!


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