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Are you into Geology and Chemistry? Do you want a mod that actually changes the underground and the mining mechanics of your game, with different and realistic lithologies, igneous diques, mineral deposits and geological tools? Yes? So this is the perfect mod for you!


The mod and its minerals are fully compatible with tech mods such as Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, the Thermal Series and many more.

A full wiki is coming soon. ;) 


 Version 0.5.0

-Improved kimberlite, marble and quartzite spawn (larger and less common)
-Around 30 new decorative blocks
-New creative tabs
-Sculpted block textures updated to 16x16
-Translation of items to Portuguese
-Description of all minerals
-New textures for all items
-Rework of all structures
-Improved 3D stalactite, cinnabar and pyrite models