Genetic Infusion

12,647 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

NOTE: To update the mod you need to remove all existing crystals from your world, or your game will crash.


Genetic Infusion allows you to combine traits of different entities to make creatures never seen before in Minecraft.


This mod allows you to combine the different traits and abilities of the enormous variety of entities in Minecraft through crystals and golems. Currently the mod is in alpha and the only implemented entities are the creeper, zombie and skeleton, but this is expected to change soon.



Crystal found in cave

These crystals can be found deep down in caves.


Crystal turned red

A crystal turns red after killing an entity near it, absorbing it's soul.

When broken, the soul remains in the crystal and multiple crystals can be combined in a crafting table to create a crystal with a soul that is the combination between the two original crystals.


 Clay Golem block layout

To use the crystals a Clay Golem is required. This golem can be built in the exact same manner as an Iron Golem, but with any type of hardened clay (hardened clay and stained clay) instead of iron blocks.


Clay Golem entity

If the pumpkin was placed last, this is the result: a Clay Golem.


Clay Golem transformation

If the Golem is right-clicked with a red-coloured crystal in hand, the golem wil start to transform into the entity, of which the crystal holds the soul. This way almost an endless amount of entities can be created.


Finished creature


Upcoming features (in no particular order)

  • More entities (cows, wolves, ghasts, all of them!)
  • A way to show an entity's genes
  • Secret Feature #1
  • A way to more directly modify an entity's genes.
  • And many more..


Everyone is allowed to put this mod in their modpack, no strings attached. It would greatly appreciated if you linked this page, though.


Source code

Are you a modder and interested in how this mod was made?

Check out the source code on GitHub:



Are you a modder and do you want to give your own entities genetics?

I have made an API to go with this mod, but it is not yet very well documented nor complete. When the api will be released, you will be able to find it here.

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