Genetic Animals

102,319 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

TLDR: Adds REAL genetics, adds new models, adds hundreds of millions of variations, adds hunger mechanics, adds biome variants, adds litter sizes, adds realism tweaks.


In summary this mod does a few things: It adds better looking models that still give the Minecraft feel but are also dynamic and can change from animal to animal and even over time. It adds hunger mechanics so that your starving animals can no longer provide resources, Animals wont give birth if starving, their milk will run dry, they stop laying and stop growing wool without food, ect. On the plus side your animals can eat a lot of different things and can graze on grass and hay blocks once the binding is cut, pigs can even feed on stuff they find in the dirt and turn the soil up into farmland for you. Most importantly this mod adds real genetics, if you breed two animals together their offspring are a product of their parent's genes and each animal's variations in size, colour, shape, meat drops, leather drops, egg colours, wool production, milk production and more are determined by their genes rather than random chance. So anything you see you can breed for. you can even combine attributes of different animals into one line that have all your favorite parts which is called a breed. You can even recreate real life breeds and then cross them together to see the result and it will be as accurate to life as we can manage. Animals in the wild also vary by biome type, so explore for more variety. In short this mod makes the animals as realistic as possible without making them out of place in minecraft.


If you want to see more variety in the wild animals I recommend turning wildtypechance to 75 in the config file. After that the dominant genes dominate too much.

Animals can have very different genes in different biomes, explore to find more types and please don't use super flat or buffet worlds to experiment with the mod.


Thank you to Cuervo de Lebeche for adding the Spanish translation!

Thank you to an Anonymous Guy on the Discord for the Dutch translation!

Thank you to louiswdg for making the Portuguese translation!

Thank you to Aloys for making the French translation!

The Russian translation was made thanks to IXaar and Ris_Kis and group contributions made by AHHACAT100, greeeeeeeen, and ilya!


We are looking for help with more translations, even some of the more fun ones :)


Excellent video on our mod from Youtuber Миру-Ня. It is in russian but with youtube magic you can auto translate to the language you are most comfortable with.


Assorted Cows




Wild Chickens



Here are some examples of chicken breeds that have been made in the mod:



A mod tutorial by CraqueNet. Even if you don't speak Portuguese its a nice example of how the animals look in game especially rabbits.


A more detailed description on the Minecraft Forum


The Genetic Animals Discord for questions/bugs



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