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A big thank you to Ellison Murphy for being an amazing genetics consultant and friend! Please send me a PM if you would like to get in touch with them for biology or genetics consultation!


TLDR: Adds REAL genetics, adds new models, adds hundreds of millions of variations, adds hunger mechanics, adds biome variants, adds litter sizes, adds pregnancy, adds animal equipment, adds optional genders, adds realism tweaks and more.



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Main features:

  • This mod adds real genetics, if you breed two animals together their offspring are a product of their parent's genes and each animal's variations in size, colour, shape, meat drops, leather drops, egg colours, wool production, milk production and more are determined by their genes rather than random chance. So anything you see you can breed for. Some animals even have new drops, increased drops or lose ones they would normally have. You can even recreate real life breeds and then cross them together to see the result, all breeds and cross breeds are possible with this mod. Animals in the wild will be more likely to have variations based on the biome they spawn in, so explore for more variety.
  • Besides adding insanely in depth genetics we also have models that are a huge improvement over vanilla without breaking from the look of Minecraft, but are also dynamic in size, textures and models.

We have also added new game play mechanics to the animals. The animals that this mod adds require food to provide resources like milk, meat, wool, leather, and eggs and also to carry a pregnancy. If provided good space and grass the animals will happily feed themselves so pasture your animals whenever possible. If you don't want your animals munching on the grass or just can't keep them outside we add a new hayblock for feeding that is created when you used a sharp tool on regular hayblocks placed in the world, animals will eat these on their own wherever they are placed over time. Animals will also eat a much larger variety of food items, but these only work for feeding not breeding. But if this is too much work for you animal hunger is configurable. 
Animals will also sleep during the night. While sleeping, if they are not hungry, animals will heal themselves. Chickens will also seek out horizontal posts that they sleep on preferentially. 
Just for looks and to make them feel more alive all the animals blink and rabbits twitch their noses.


Current animals that have genetic versions:

Chickens, Cows(and Mooshrooms), Sheep, Llamas, Pigs, Rabbits.


  • Key/Other features:

A full set of leather-dyeable equipment for all animals! Collars, Bell Collars, Bridles, Saddles in vanilla, western and english styles, Carpets and more!

Enhanced AI to have the animals behave more lifelike.

Chickens can lay hundreds and hundreds of different egg types and colours, all genetic!

Cows have genetically calculated dynamic horns that grow with age!

ALL animals grow dynamically with age, not in jumps or stages, full small to adult growth!

Male and Female animals with config options.

Unequippable chests on animals.




recipes for the mod

Hay Blocks can be turned into loose edible hay for animal feed using any sharp tool like a sword, axe or shears on the block, not through crafting. Smaller or unusually coloured meats can be crafted into large vanilla meat items for your convenience. 



Planned features:

Most of vanilla Minecraft animals will get a genetic version eventually. Next on the list is horses.

Much deeper AI based on genetics and some degree of training and taming, and behaviours for each individual animal.

Any newly discovered genes as we make the mod will of course be added.

Dynamic horns for sheep just like cows have.

Genetics education book that is unlocked as you discover the genes, teaching you about the effects of each one.

More interesting drops are being discussed.

Flicking tails, twitching ears, and all those little idle animations that help with immersion.

Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Cats, Dogs(+wolves), Foxes, Parrots and Goats are all planned additions. 


If you want to see more variety in the wild animals I recommend turning wildtypechance to 75 in the config file. After that the dominant genes dominate too much.

Animals can have very different genes in different biomes, if you are using a superflat or buffet world, or maybe you just can't be bothered to explore you can use the config to have animals pick random biomes as their spawn location.


Thank you to Cuervo de Lebeche for adding the Spanish translation!

Thank you to an Anonymous Guy on the Discord for the Dutch translation!

Thank you to louiswdg for making the Portuguese translation!

Thank you to Aloys for making the French translation!

The Russian translation was made thanks to IXaar and Ris_Kis and group contributions made by AHHACAT100, greeeeeeeen, and ilya!


We are looking for help with more translations, even some of the more fun ones :)


 User Submitted Images:

riding cow




Excellent video on our mod from Youtuber Миру-Ня. It is in russian but with youtube magic you can auto translate to the language you are most comfortable with.


Assorted Cows




Wild Chickens



Here are some examples of chicken breeds that have been made in the mod:



A mod tutorial by CraqueNet. Even if you don't speak Portuguese its a nice example of how the animals look in game especially rabbits.


A more detailed description on the Minecraft Forum


The Genetic Animals Discord for questions/bugs



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