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Celtic Mythology in Minecraft


Genera is a Forge mod for Minecraft 1.12 to 1.12.2. Based on the Welsh mythological Tylwyth Teg (Fair Folk). For a long time, I have had an interest in Celtic mythology, particularly that of pre-Roman-occupation Wales. I have decided to translate this interest into programming through this mod. 




In Genera, you obtain Nightshade seeds by breaking tall grass. Plant these and when they grow to completion (bone meal works too), there is a chance that small white entities called Faerie will spawn. These Faerie can be captured and their statistics examined in a glass jar. Check the new recipe book for crafting. Once captured, three things are revealed about your Faerie: their type, their size, and their maximum health. You should now craft Faerie Home and click your jar full of Faerie into it. 


Once in the Faerie Home, Faerie can either advance in size or maximum health. This happens for every Faerie in the home, which has six slots, every 30 seconds. When a  woodland Faerie (those spawned by the nightshade) is placed in the world, the nearest player within ten blocks of them gets a health boost effect for a duration equal to 150 times the whole number value of the maximum health of the Faerie.


More features, powers and Faerie type coming soon. Better documentation too.





bms_1984 - lead developer

Subaraki - lead artist