21,107 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Notice Gems++ for 1.14.4 Everything should be working but i didn't have a lot of time to do quality testing.


Notice Gem++ for 1.13.2 is currently in beta any bugs or issues related to what has currently been added should be posted here Issues.



As of 1.12.2 V6.0.5.0 GemsPlusPlus Has the following intergrations:

-Tinkers Construct

-Thermal Expansion


-Construct's Armory


This is an update for a mod called Gems+ which was originally made by RobZ51 who stopped updating it and uploaded his source code so someone could update it.

(Disclaimer i did not use any of his source code however all of the models/textures that came with the source code belong to


Mod made originally by RobZ51
Ruby Tools Textures by Mitrix50
Item Textures by rolfXD
Sapphire, Amethyst and Topaz Tools by Torzel
Phoenixite Tools, Armor and Block Textures by Zealot067
Ruby by MojangTeam
The rest of the textures by RobZ51

I have tried to ask them for permission to use they textures but none of them have been online for months or years for a few of them




This mod adds ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, phoenixite, jade, citrine, garnet, spinel, onyx, agate, malachite, tourmaline, chrysocolla, jasper, sugilite ores, items, blocks, tools, armor, dusts, sand and glass.

Phoenixite tools can be repaired in an anvil with a bucket of lava, they can also be used as flint and steel and also light mobs on fire.

To get glass you first put the gems in furnace to get gem dust, and then you mix a gem dust with two sand and get colored sand, then you can smelt it in furnace and you get colored glass.

Texture pack support



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