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Gearz Mod v2.1
Welcome to the Gearz mod. This mod was developed for the Gearz guild's server.It contains absolutely no gears so don't ask about its name lol

This mod is ,as always, a work in progress. Gearz mod is centered around the creep(from starcraft). Most items are made from it but you must either travel to the Astral world to find it or track down an infested creeper.
Make an ITD to get to the Astral Dimension to collect exotic minerals and most importantly creep!
make armor or even a sword with creep. surround creep armor with redstone for a different look or change it back by surrounding it in purified creep again.
creep can even combine with other materials to such as leather to make pleather which can be used to make armor or a new stone that is native to the Astral world
smelt jackanite to make jackanite ingots. infusium orbs are made by surrounding a purified creep block with the ingots. Use the infusium orbs to make an infusor to upgrade your new armor.
this will power your infusor. the individual cores are found in creep infested creatures. happy hunting
ps make one of these dimensional rippers if you plan to frequent the Astral. It will make your trips much safer. pss if you surround a dimensional rip with astral bricks it will stabilize the rip.
Helpful Tips:
+ grab some saplings from the Astral. the trees can be broken down and the logs used to shape your own fruit bearing trees. The larger your tree the better the fruit output.
+the ITD is best used at a medium elevation. Keep in mind it teleports you to relative coords so if you are on a mountain...splat! Do not use underground... lol
+Seek shelter asap in the Astral. The natives are less than friendly.


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