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In 1.13.x or 1.14 have you typed '/gamemode 1' only for it to return an error? This mod fixes that!


- Allows you to use those magical gamemode numbers (and letters!) again

    - Ex. '/gamemode sp' - Changes your gamemode to spectator mode

    - Ex. '/gamemode 2' - Changes your gamemode to adventure mode


- Adds a new command: '/gm' same as '/gamemode' but shorter

    - Ex. '/gm c' - Changes your gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/gm 0' - Changes your gamemode to survival mode


- Adds a 4 other commands: '/gm*' same as '/gm *' but even shorter! :o

    - Ex. '/gmc' - Changes your gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/gms' - Changes your gamemode to survival mode

    - Note: Doesn't allow numbers


- Adds support for '/defaultgamemode'

    - Ex. '/defaultgamemode 1' - Changes the world's default gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/defaultgamemode s' - Changes the world's default gamemode to survival mode


- Adds a new command: '/dgm' same as '/defaultgamemode' but shorter

    - Ex. '/dgm c' - Changes the world's default gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/dgm 0' - Changes the world's default gamemode to survival mode


- Allows you to use numbers in '/difficulty' again

    - Ex. '/difficulty 1' - Changes the world's difficulty to normal mode

    - Ex. '/difficulty 0' - Changes the world's difficulty to peaceful mode












/kill - It's just '/kill' - (Otherwise you would need to use '/kill @p')

This mod is for MinecraftForge 1.13.2/1.14.3

And for fabric on 1.14.3

!! Important: Beta 1.14 versions are for fabric while the release 1.14 versions are for forge !!


1. You may not 'repost' or 'redistribute' this mod without my EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

2. You may make modpacks which include this mod, but no 'Single mod modpacks please

3. You may make and post media (photos, videos, blogs) about this mod, but you MAY NOT take credit for the mod itself.

4. You as a 'user' are  allowed to install this mod on a client or a server and to play without any restriction.


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