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In 1.13.0-1.16.1 have you typed '/gamemode 1' only for it to return an error? This mod fixes that!


This mod is only required on the server!

(You can join a server that is running this mod and have the commands!)


- 100% configurable

  - Enable the commands that you want, and disable the ones you don't!


- Allows you to use those magical gamemode numbers (and letters!) again

    - Ex. '/gamemode sp' - Changes your gamemode to spectator mode

    - Ex. '/gamemode 2' - Changes your gamemode to adventure mode


- Adds a new command: '/gm' same as '/gamemode' but shorter

    - Ex. '/gm c' - Changes your gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/gm 0' - Changes your gamemode to survival mode


- Adds a 4 other commands: '/gm*' same as '/gm *' but even shorter! :o

    - Ex. '/gmc' - Changes your gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/gms' - Changes your gamemode to survival mode

    - Note: Doesn't allow numbers


- Adds support for '/defaultgamemode'

    - Ex. '/defaultgamemode 1' - Changes the world's default gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/defaultgamemode s' - Changes the world's default gamemode to survival mode


- Adds a new command: '/dgm' same as '/defaultgamemode' but shorter

    - Ex. '/dgm c' - Changes the world's default gamemode to creative mode

    - Ex. '/dgm 0' - Changes the world's default gamemode to survival mode


- Allows you to use numbers in '/difficulty' again

    - Ex. '/difficulty 1' - Changes the world's difficulty to normal mode

    - Ex. '/difficulty 0' - Changes the world's difficulty to peaceful mode












/kill - It's just '/kill' - (Otherwise you would need to use '/kill @p')


This mod is for MinecraftForge 1.13.x-1.16.1

And for fabric on 1.14.x-1.16.2

!! Important: Beta versions are for fabric while the release versions are for forge !!



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