Gamemode Numbers (Fabric)

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Gamemode Numbers


Gamemode Numbers fixes a thing that always annoys me when I'm playing with 1.13+ : Not being able to type /gamemode 1 anymore.

Many players probably have this in their muscle memory, and either way it's just easier to type a number than the entire name of the gamemode.


All numbers are as you would expect:

0 : Survival

1 : Creative

2 : Adventure

3 : Spectator


You can also use the shortcut of the gamemode:

s : Survival

c : Creative

a : adventure

sp : spectator


This mod requires Fabric.


Installation Instructions:

  1. If you don't have it already, download and install MultiMC.
  2. Copy the MultiMC instance URL from this website with the game version that you need for the mod.
  3. Create a new instance on MultiMC and select "Import from zip" and paste the copied link.
  4. Run the newly created instance once.
  5. Place the downloaded mod in the "mods" folder.




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